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Constantly evolving and growing, Livebait Media has a range of services for your business. You may need a helping hand to get started, you may have a handle on this whole social media thing but lack the time to spend on it. You may need to outsource all of your social media. From design to implementation and management, Livebait Media can take care of this for you. 



This package is designed for us to work together on. You will still be in charge of your own social media with the added piece of mind that you will have regular original content going out to your channels frequently. Posting would be daily to two social media platforms of your choice.



This is a managed service which is designed to look after all your social media content. Posting would be daily to two social media channels with an option to schedule in up to a further seven Tweets in a week. Livebait Media will undertake virtual networking with complimentary businesses and organisations. I will find relevant groups and connect you with them. We will also manage one social media ad campaign on your behalf. We will also produce fortnightly analytics for you.



This is a fully managed service which in addition to the FULL LIVEBAIT service, we will Tweet up to 4 times daily. We will design graphics as required and publish these as social media posts and give you the copy to use. We will run a social media competition on your behalf once per quarter and complete a monthly blog. As part of THE FULL CATCH we can also be your social media customer services. We can respond to queries answer or redirect questions from your customers.  





An overhaul of your current social media which includes design, set up, merging of any existing social media platforms and a strategy. 



A tailored workshop which teaches you how to run your own social media. The course covers an introduction to social media and overview of three platforms. We will teach you how to set up your own platforms, perform a social media audit and how to best manage your media. 



We can produce advertisments, headers, cover photo's and social media post graphics. Take a look at the Livebait Media gallery by following this link 



set up

set up

We will set up your social media platforms from scratch or refurbish your existing platforms. 



Working on information given by you and based on our research we decide together in which direction to take your social media strategy.